Guardians stand on the front lines, shielding themselves in righteous power to keep up the fight long after others have fallen. Their prowess in single combat is legendary.

This class relies on a shield and quick reflexes to deflect enemy attacks and create opportunities for various follow up strikes.


Icon Name Type Level Description
Auto Attack Active
Justice Slash Active
Binding Summons Active
Shield Smite Active
Safeguard Active
Weapon Toss Active
Rising Truth Active
Kick Active
Dominant Virtue Active
Liberty Arc Active
Prevailing Blow Active
Hakain's Grasp Active
Sentinel Smash Active
Pledge of Duty Active
Bonds of Law Active
Notched Shield Active
Justice Force Active
Pledge of Brilliance Active
Sentencing Blow Active
Pledge of Power Active
Endless Repose Active
Absorbing Shield Active
Godess's Blessing Passive
Unquestionable Passive
Shutdown Passive
Royal Authority Passive
Rend Armor Passive
Staggering Will Passive